Young Children's Ministry

In Mark 10:14 Jesus said, “permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”  Jesus says, "come" and the I.C.C. Young Children's Ministry (YCM) department wants the children to come too!  Class is definitely an educational and spiritual learning experience and not one of baby-sitting and entertainment.  Three of our main objectives (no matter what lesson is taught) are to instill and shape a foundation of love, a Biblical self-image, and salvation.  So, “come on in,” we think your child will find YCM fun and exciting!

Our department ministers to your child on a level appropriate for their age and developmental level.  It is divided into two groups:

Classes are held during the Sunday Am and Wednesday PM services and are staffed by trained volunteers.  YCM is dedicated to ministering life and the Word of God to their students.  Since this age of child learns through “play”, plenty of action activities are taught through: song, prayer, Bible story, visuals, snack, art, learning centers, toys, and games. . . all focusing on the lesson of the day.  We definitely are a teaching ministry!

The YCM wants these early and impressionable years to fun, happy, and memorable, so that when they are older they will regard church not just as a good place to attend, but as their family with lots of warm memories.