Special Guests


King of Kongs, just goes ‘Bananas’ over our Lord Jesus Christ.  He’s enthusiastic, but sometimes he gets off-track and the Pastor has to straighten him out.

Mr. Trueheart

the Japanese zookeeper, likes to introduce his animal friends to everybody in the BUZZ.  He shows us that God’s glory can be seen in all of His creation.


barks out fascinating tales of his eventful dog life with French poodle gangs, park outings, and romps with cats.


is one cool dude with a quick tongue for memory verses.  He comes to challenge kids to a Scripture race.  When challenged to a race you must ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky? Do I think I can beat him?

Faith Factfinder

brings us the latest in Bible News.  Her reports and in-depth interviews will keep us posted on Biblical events and personalities.

These are just a few of the zany characters that like to visit the BUZZ.
Come and join us, you never know who you are going to meet!